Produce electronic assemblies efficiently and economically

As an EMS service provider, we manufacture electronic components for you according to your specifications for your products. We are happy to assemble partially or fully automated PCBs in various sizes for you. You can rely on the highest quality thanks to state-of-the-art production facilities. In addition, you can have your assemblies assembled by our specialist staff according to your specifications and wishes. Modern production lines and optimised production processes ensure a high degree of flexibility and delivery reliability, including just-in-time delivery.

Our competences for your project

Wir sind ihr Spezialist zum Thema "Fertigung Elektronischer Baugruppen

SMD mounting of circuit boards

Stencil printing, a modern assembly system and a stable soldering process are combined in a fully automated inline process. Our production line can be changed over quickly and without interrupting production. The machines used guarantee our customers high production quality and process reliability in series production.

We offer you:

  • SMT mounting (solder paste, adhesive), e.g. coated, stepped stencils
  • Inline SPI (3D paste inspection)
  • Automatic placement machines, latest technology, placement 01005 as well as all types of components that can be placed using pick & place technology
  • Package on package placement
  • Pin-in-paste assembly
  • Production of printed circuit boards of size 500 x 500 mm
  • High productivity Assembly of up to 25,000 components per hour
  • Production of prototypes and small series
  • Production of large series
  • Production of mixed assemblies (SMT and THT)
  • Production of double-sided assemblies
  • Assembly protection with protective lacquer
  • Production according to standards (e.g. IPC)
Fertigung elektronischer Baugruppen

Automatic and manual soldering

In most cases, soldering is included in the fully automated inline process. However, we are also able to use other soldering processes.

We offer:

  • Full convection reflow soldering, wave soldering, vapour phase soldering and hand soldering
  • Single and double-sided soldered assemblies
  • Mixed assembled and soldered assemblies (SMD and THT)
Prüfen und Reparieren von Elektronik

Testing and repairing

All finished assemblies are subjected to both optical inspection and electronic testing, which ensures a very low defect and return rate. With defined processes, a continuous improvement process and strict quality management, we ensure that we meet the high demands of our customers.

We offer you:

  • Traceability – traceability of the measured values
  • Construction of test equipment (test systems and test adapters)
  • Functional tests for assemblies, modules and finished electrotechnical products
  • Safety tests (high voltage, protective conductor, leakage current test)
  • Optical inspection for SMT and THT manufactured components
  • Service and rework processes
Mechanische Bearbeitung

Mechanical processing

If you need components quickly, such as a housing, our 3D printers are available. A modern CNC milling machine is available for the mechanical processing of your components.

We offer you:

  • Component production according to drawings (CNC milling, drilling and sawing)
  • Quality assurance
  • Rapid prototyping 


At ultra-modern and ergonomic workstations, our experienced employees* assemble assemblies or finished products. Before our products finally find their way to you, each luminaire is subjected to comprehensive testing. The capacity of our luminaire production is 300,000 luminaires per year.

Production spectrum:

  • Production of mechatronic systems
  • Production of electronic assemblies
  • Cable assembly